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Mental Health Poem By A Black Men

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Birth Flow 4:32 am I’m a survivor of COVID one 9 and gunfire Broken Heart. Bruised mind. Abused by lies. Confused. I’ve cried. Turned page. New chapter. More laughter. Unconditional love. No time factor. Thoughts of committing violence. I sit in silence. Scuffle with the dark side. Kill the pride. Built inside. Minimize. The villain’s size. Find peace inside. A piece of mind. Peace is mine. For a piece of time. Completely blind. Life is beats and rhymes. No sustenance at times. I think I’m fine. Til life creeps behind. Depression seeps inside. Confusion leaves me high and dry. To die. For something. Rather than living for nothing. The Universe feels me coming. For my people’s minds. Reveal what’s behind the veil in time. Cleanse deep inside. The people’s eyes. Removing toxicity from their feeble minds. No longer believe the lies. They provide. We gone ride. For the freedom side.

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